Why Sapphire Is Used On Luxury Watches

- Aug 18, 2017-

For a watch, the watch glass is a very important component, is mainly used to isolate the water vapor and dust, in order to protect the hands, dial, movement. But you know, when the watch was originally invented, there was no mirror, but covered with a metal cover (such as Nuremberg). Later, watchmakers were slowly using silicate glass as a mirror, and the same period there are natural crystal to wear the mirror. Until the 1970s, sapphire watch also began to apply to the watch.

Owing to scratch-resistant wear, sapphire is used by luxury watches. But the sapphire glass material is not so expensive, it is not made from sapphire, but out-of-the-way artificial sapphire.

Firstly, what's sapphire?

The main chemical composition of sapphire is aluminum oxide, high hardness, hardness up to Mohs 9, second only to diamonds, the hardness is almost 3 times the mineral glass, acrylic mirror 20 times. Sapphire shock resistance, sealing and hardness than other materials, the high cost of processing, so it used in most luxury watches

Besides,Why is sapphire glass not blue color?

 the main component of sapphire is aluminum oxide, aluminum itself is a transparent material, was blue because it contains iron oxide and titanium oxide, as we usually see the same as the blue gemstone jewelry. If you add chromium oxide, it will show red, known as ruby. The sapphire mirror used in the watch is the original synthetic gem made at high temperature, so it does not contain other values, it is a five-color transparent state.

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