Which Is Better, A Leather Watch Or A Steel Watch?

- Apr 22, 2019-

Watch factories find that many friends who intend to customize gifts watches for customers and their employees are confused about whether to choose steel or leather watches. In my daily life, most of the high-end watches I see are leather straps, while most of the watches with metal straps are medium and low-end watches. So you don't know which kind of strap is better. It's hard to make a decision. Is the leather strap better than the steel strap? In fact, steel band watches and belt watches have their own advantages and disadvantages. Watch factory Xiaobian introduces the advantages and disadvantages of steel band watches and belt watches for you!

Advantages and disadvantages of cortical band:

True leather belt watches in watch factories are comfortable, soft and well-worn, and they do not contain substances that may cause skin allergies like metal watches. They also do not have the cold and hard feeling of metal, especially in winter. Human beings continue to worship animal leather from the nomadic era, making people more like leather straps. Although the leather straps are fragile, dirty and fragile, the unique aesthetic straps like crocodile straps still make many friends intoxicated, especially the high-end white-collar people, more prominent in grade! 

However, high-end exquisite things are very delicate, leather strap is no exception, and other leather things, the most taboo leather strap is sweat, sweat stains, water corrosion. If the leather strap is exposed to humid environment or immersed in water for a long time, it will not take long for the strap to be immersed in water. So the watch factory reminds you that you should never wear the watch with the leather strap to swim, dive, or do things that often touch liquids. Especially in hot summer, it is easy to sweat. Friends wearing the leather strap must pay attention to the protection of the watch strap! In terms of service life, leather straps can never be more durable than metal straps. The normal life of wearing leather straps is about 2-3 years, and good maintenance is about 5 years or even longer. As long as it is normally worn and carefully maintained, its service life can be greatly improved, which is the same as wearing leather shoes.