Purchase New Case Processing Equipment To Production Line

- Oct 31, 2017-

Purchase new case processing equipment to production line.


Drill drill bar roar, dial roar, nail bit, cover the slot, drill surface roar, twist roar (drill Tsui, twist)

Lathe car quiver, line, sub-mouth and ceramic knife action (ordinary turning, ceramic knife)

CNC milling machine profiled dial roar, roar, within the map, sub-mouth (cutter, drilling Tsui)

CNC lathe shenzhen roar, tooth surface, waterproof level, the film, glass bit, sub-mouth, low (CNC knife)

Corrugated machine turning case thread (bottom cover with), (car teeth knife)

Tapping machine using tap wire reamer hole thread (screw, tube with hole), (tap)

Engraving machine copy function, milling rice pit, shaped roar chamfering, oblique ear Tsui, avoid bit, large edge line (rice pit knife, cutter)

Belt machine sanding cloisonne (belt);

Grinding machine grinding cutter (grinding wheel);

Disc grinding machine grinding machine, gong knife, R knife (gold and steel discs)

Grinding Wheel Grinding Center, Turning Tool, Grinding Drill Tsui (Grinding Wheel)

Drum Drill Drill Case Rare (Drill Tsui)