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- Nov 14, 2017-

Military Watch

The army was once all the table fans most varieties of a contemptuous disregard. The beauty of the old watch shop in Shanghai in seven and twentieth Century 80s

Army Style Watch

Army Style Watch

The list of dozens of pieces of money can not buy, in Vietnam, Philippines, Burma, with a pack of cigarettes can be broken for a military only black, only individual Omega, Longines and other famous brands to sell 100 yuan. By 90s, the situation suddenly became a sudden turn for the worse, military fans keen collection theme table. Blow to domestic on the eve of this trend, Hong Kong, Japan has taken Shanghai, The early bird catches, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places of great stock U.S. "surplus", is not easy to see a good physical condition of the 40s military. In fact, most of the great military mass military orders, and watch technology required is simple, easy maintenance; spare parts to GM, in order to reduce maintenance costs; the decoration will be eliminated, such as movement often rough semi-finished products; to low cost, more use of copper alloy, nickel alloy shell; to hit by the fall, bulky appearance. Most soldiers do not carefully protect watches, so far, are mottled old. The army is a by-product of actual heat at the end of the 80s international watch collection tide. With the collection of watches are becoming more and more popular, many foreign fans around the table are also eager to find some shy helpless, only the low price table. Then, a large amount of military order to survive in the world, many brands and low price has become a new round of hot spots. It introduces several military to distinguish between country in the boutique.

Luminox military dress to meet customer requirements or wear the military to attend the informal occasions, in 2011 launch of the "Yinhai 3152" special commemorative section, and for the first time starting in our Chinese, with high value of collection!

Using a silver and black mainstream color collocation, create a unique noble sense, is the process and design aesthetics, nowadays a world-class watches are used when the military quality and fashion the perfect combination of aesthetics that the birth of a classic, that is Luminox --3152 - Luminox military all parts are manufactured the Swiss factory assembled and Switzerland (many brands of watches are made in Switzerland but is assembled by other cheaper labor countries to complete, and watch assembly this link determines exactly watch quality) U.S. - Luminox largest purchaser, US has always been on the quality of purchased product is very strict, as the saying goes: military procurement in great difficulty, no less than one person alone ascent of Mount Everest, but all Luminox did - silver body with black carbon fiber dial, 200 meters water depth, table Disk show for 25 years, self luminous 316L stainless steel watchband and watchcase, carbon fiber wear watch disk, mineral glass mirror, Swiss RONDA 515 Berliget movement, authorized seal lettering, carbon fiber sheet box, with special watchband, diving two years warranty