You need to know about Tourbillon technology

- Oct 16, 2017-

Tourbillon principle is basically the hairspring, fork levers and escapement system designed to operate on the same axis, the tourbillon in the running will continue to rotate to reduce the impact of gravity made. In order to address the effects of gravity on the balance wheel swing, increasing travel time accuracy, precision can be achieved when the error was less than a second to go Tourbillon.

Tourbillon invention originated in the "watch the country Switzerland" most of the crafts are handmade, early are produced by the Swiss watch manufacturers. To produce this watch are representative of a manufacturer of technical strength of the show. In recent years, China's many watch factories such as seagulls and Shanghai, the successful development of their own tourbillon movement, making the civilian Tourbillon watch.

As Tourbillon watch industry is one of the three complex tabulation technology, which represents the watch production process top show. So as long as the word with the Tourbillon watch is worth double, and now foreign brands entry-level prices are more than 200,000, slightly better of all millions. And our domestic is relatively cheap compared to the cheapest only a few thousand dollars.