Wrist watch, steel or leather strap

- Apr 12, 2019-

An exquisite wrist watch can check the time, embellish the wrist, match the clothes, and reflect the taste.

Watchband, as an accessory of wrist watch, is closely related to the feel of wearing. Some friends who have just come into contact with wristwatches often hesitate to choose a steel or leather strap for their watches. Today, Watch Travel talks about watchbands.

First of all, the steel strap. The steel here usually refers to stainless steel, also known as fine steel. Although the name of Jinggang sounds very tall, like the elite in steel, it is the same thing as stainless steel, but it is just called differently.

The more common stainless steel strap is made of 316L stainless steel. The weight of stainless steel strap is slightly heavy, which gives people a solid and reliable feeling after starting. Compared with leather watchband, steel watchband is more durable, generally used for more than ten years, or even longer, no problem.

Stainless steel watchband production process is more complex, natural price is not cheap. Swiss brand stainless steel watchband, usually thousands of yuan, high-grade wristwatch stainless steel band, the price is even more than 10,000 yuan. Good stainless steel watchband, often after a high degree of polishing, the polishing place polishing, the local wire drawing, delicate, with a superior texture.

Look at the leather strap again. In fact, leather strap is a general term, it contains a very rich content, including cowhide, horsehide, crocodile skin, and even sheep skin, snake skin, ostrich skin, pearl fish skin and so on. Of course, the above leather straps refer to dermal straps. The "leather strap" outside the genuine leather strap is naturally an artificial leather strap, such as an alligator strap.

Usually, high-end wristwatch brands are equipped with leather straps. And thousands of yuan in low and medium price wristwatch (refers to the price of new watches, second watches are discussed separately), generally do not expect its strap is really "crocodile leather strap", it must be artificial. Because a high-end brand of genuine alligator leather strap is generally about 4000 yuan or more, the price of a strap is equivalent to the price of a low-cost watch. But the price of leather straps is much lower.

Of these straps, cowhide and crocodile hide are the most common.

The leather strap is soft and comfortable, and fits better with the wrist. Moreover, it looks more elegant and generous, so it is more suitable for business occasions. Some high-end brands often equip their wristwatches with alligator leather straps, because the alligator skin looks more classy, and its lines are also very beautiful. However, although the strap is more comfortable to wear, it is vulnerable to sweat, stain corrosion, so it needs to be well maintained and maintained in order to prolong its service life. Generally speaking, the service life of the leather strap is about two years.

After understanding the characteristics of leather strap and steel strap, now back to the title of the article, how to choose the two? It depends on the specific situation. If you are elegant, often attend business occasions, and are not particularly susceptible to sweating, then you can choose a leather strap. If you like sports, usually prefer to wear some leisure clothes, then maybe steel straps are more suitable for you.