Wrist watch is not worn for a long time, how should be stored

- Apr 21, 2018-

Wrist watch is not worn for a long time, how should be stored?

Store don't wear a watch for a long period of time, regular wound once a month, the automatic movement of the watch should be gently back and forth a few minutes or wear on your wrist for a period of time to make it automatic wind, the parts from dormant for a long time, to ensure the operation of table machine performance.

The pointer type quartz watch should pull the handle to the dial, and the second hand is in the stop position. Remove the battery, prevent the battery from running out, drain the core, and form a white powder to seize the teeth.

Dust and sweat should be wiped away before leaving the watch. Watch should prevent 24 hour all wear in the body, because the body is metabolism, and easy in watchcase strap accumulate dirt, form a gold-plated fading parts, stainless steel corrosion or belt hardening stunk.

Watch every other year, two years best send to do maintenance, can extend its service life, maintain the project to include: inspect, wash oil, point oil and measure accurate.

The collection of watches should be protected from the use of mothballs, insect repellents, etc., because their chemical substances continue to be issued, breaking down the lubricating oil of the watch.

Keep an eye on the water resistance of your watch, and advocate less water vapor. Please place dry and damp places when collecting.