Will quartz watches be popular with young people?

- Apr 03, 2019-

What's your inherent impression of quartz watches? Firm appearance? Not bad in seconds? Users are uncles? These impressions are normal. In the past, people have a deep impression of quartz watches because of the lack of novelty and fashion elements in product design. However, with the change of social market demand and the innovation of design concepts of manufacturers, they have changed their minds. A new look has come into the eyes of consumers, combined with avant-garde design concepts, extending the user group to a new group. Nowadays, quartz watches are no longer the exclusive watches of middle-aged uncles. The majority of young people are beginning to pay attention to and wear these watches. On the network sales platform, young people are even the main force of purchasing.

In the past, quartz watches have been solidified for a long time, and only older men will wear them. But Shenzhen manufacturers combined with changes in consumer concepts, summed up experience, and improved their appearance and style, so that quartz watches can gather all kinds of fashionable elements and avant-garde concepts, change its rigid appearance defects, and integrate the elements of choice of watches by young people. So more and more young people are choosing it. Taobao's sales data fully prove this. Sixty percent of all products sold are young people.

Fashionable quartz watches are beginning to be welcomed by young people. It is no longer spoken for middle-aged uncles. Shenzhen watchmaker has changed a seemingly old-fashioned watch by adapting to the needs of consumers in the market, giving it a new vitality and renewal. Purchasing adaption watches has become a fashionable consumer concept. Among these, Shenzhen watchmaker has contributed a lot to ensuring the quality of watches. There have been many amazing works.

Shenzhen Koda horologe Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and designer of business gift watches, which manufactures and sells high-grade and low-grade quartz, machinery, electronics and other advertisements, fashion and souvenir gift watches. It is famous for its "perfect and fashionable" style in the international jewelry industry, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.