Why watches so expensive

- Mar 03, 2018-

Watch in the early years may only be used as a mere timekeeping tool, after the changes of the times, watch the main timing function has been weakened, and now more as an accessory to show in front of people. Extraordinary design and luxury jewelry inlaid some brand watches have become a veritable luxury. The Swiss population goes on to say: "The watch is the least raw material, the highest craft and then the most expensive one." In addition to the more upscale materials used in watches, the main factor determining the price is the watch brand, Only affect its cost.

Why so many people like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other watch brands, they belong to the world's top watch brand, the brand is often a level of difference. For example, like the automatic calendar steel case strap men's watch, paragraph difference is similar, the price of nations may be around 26,000, Tudor and Omega price is about 13,000, and Longines only 8 thousand, Tissot 4 thousand can buy it. Although everyone's movement is ETA, this time the value of the brand impact is very big. Of course, the process of the brand itself is also a certain difference, but said earlier, the process affects only the cost of positioning in the market price will not have too much influence. Like Earl this big brand watches, the annual output is not large, the price mostly in more than 100,000, is a real expensive watches.

Of course, the factors that determine the watch price and its origin, mainly affect some non-luxury watch brands. Watch the main producing countries are: Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Russia, China. Made in Switzerland, where the highest recognition is made, SWISS MADE is a label of watch quality. Only real Swiss-made watches, including some German-made watches, can be sold at high prices. Other countries produce watches more middle and low, the price is more friendly.