Why the mechanical watch can not be completely accurate

- Sep 25, 2017-

The accuracy of the mechanical watch travel time mainly by the balance of the frequency of the ball to ensure the degree of stability. Due to the use of the table by the internal and external factors caused by many factors, resulting in balance wheel tourmaline harmonic vibration, so that the watch travel time error, careful adjustment can only make the error is relatively reduced, and can not be completely excluded, so the watch as long as the walk Table walking accuracy indicators, that is qualified table. Do not need to adjust the transfer table, anyway, after a good tune is just fine.

Why the mechanical watch can not be completely accurate?

With today's technology, now the mechanical watch is no way to be completely accurate. The reason is that the mechanical watch itself must rely on winding winding, in order to provide energy for the operation of the movement. By the physical characteristics of the mechanical watch itself and the use of conditions, the movement of numerous small gears, winding, pendulum friction pieces of mutual movement, combined with daily work and life in the rocking, perspiration, flooding, magnetic field environment, Unless your table is fully manufactured and placed in a sealed vacuum thermostat without vibration in the space, otherwise the error is inevitable.

What is the normal range of the mechanical watch?

Imports of mechanical watches every day, a difference of +/- 30 seconds can be called "accurate", and according to the Swiss Observatory's certification system (COSC), mechanical watch every day there are -4 / +6 seconds difference can already be called "accurate "And get the certification issued by the Observatory; more stringent Geneva mark, also allows the watch every day -3 / +2 seconds tolerance. As long as the error within a reasonable range, and can be expected and amended, is acceptable. If the error is beyond the reasonable range