Why stainless steel mechanical watch suddenly go faster?

- Mar 21, 2019-

In today's high popularity of electronic digital products, watches are still necessary tools and accessories for many friends to travel. I believe that some friends have encountered such a problem when using mechanical watches: mechanical watches suddenly go faster. So why does this happen? Let Xiaobian introduce it to you today.

Stainless steel mechanical watch

Reasons 1. The hairspring stretches and curls in its work. When it stretches, it happens to encounter external impact force. The hairspring is affected by external force. It may be hung together with the hairspring outer ring on the quick and slow pin clip or on the outer stake pin of the movable outer stake ring, which shortens the working length of the hairspring and speeds up the walking time.

Reasons 2. After the hairspring is shocked and shaken by the external force, it may also make the quick and slow needle rotate and change its working length.

Reasons 3. Newly bought watches or watches that have been cleaned and oiled shortly after air injection cause oil loss due to excessive oil injection or improper injection method, which causes local adhesion of the hairspring and shortens the working length.

Reasons 4. Working or going in and out near a larger magnetic field, over a long period of time, the hairspring and other parts will be magnetized and put together. The ultimate result is that the watch completely stops.

The sudden speed of mechanical watches is basically caused by the above four points. When you encounter the sudden speed of watches, you don't need to rush to the professional watches maintenance organization to repair them in time.