Why Rolex uses 904 steel while other brands use 316L steel

- Apr 10, 2019-

904L steel is the standard steel for all Rolex steel watches, and we all know that Rolex is the only one that uses this steel in the whole watchmaking circle. Other brand steel watches are mainly 316L steel. So why only Rolex uses 904L steel?

In fact, the two metals are not much different in essence, but the proportion of nickel, chromium and molybdenum is somewhat different. More importantly, there is copper in 904L steel and no copper in 316L steel. It is precisely because these 904L steels are much stronger in corrosion resistance and wear resistance than 316L steels.

As we all know, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are the most common problems in the daily wear of watches. In this respect, 904L steel is better than 316L steel.

But then again, why do other brands use 316L steel? This is because 904 steel has a disadvantage compared with 316L steel, that is, its allergenicity, 316L steel is the most common in our life just now, because lower allergies are mostly used in food processing industry and medical products, that is to say, in daily life, 316 steel is undoubtedly the most perfect at present. Steel products.

And 904L steel for the general wear of cousins, the actual significance is not great, or even no eggs! Why do you say that? To give you the simplest example, have you ever seen 316L steel corroded by sea water? If we have to show 904L super corrosion resistance, it is only in sulfuric acid. Simply put, 316L steel is enough to withstand all the corrosives in our daily life. No 904L steel is needed at all.

Rolex originally used 316L steel, which was first replaced with 904L steel in 1985. So why did Rolex choose 904L steel?

Rolex, as a leader in wrist and watch marketing, knows all kinds of marketing concepts. Rolex's main purpose of using 904 steel is to marketing. As a luxury brand, Rolex knows that it can get the greatest exposure and attention by using different people.

However, Rolex use 904L steel is also very courageous and financial resources, because 904L forging is very difficult, so the production cost is high, Rolex replacement of production equipment for its entire line is really heroic ah! __________ And therefore 904L steel will have the title of "Laogang".

Many watchmakers say that Rolex watches are easier to polish and polish in the later stage than 316L watches, and the effect of polishing is more beautiful. This is because Rolex's steel selection is extremely strict, steel purity is very high, not only after a vacuum impurity removal, the final steel forming and processing machine contact surface will be cut off, only the most pure part.

Although Rolex uses a kind of gimmicky steel, it can also show Rolex's attitude toward watchmaking, that is, to achieve the ultimate practicality, which is why Rolex can be popular all over the world.