Why is the watch not replaced? .

- May 07, 2019-

Today, many friends have questioned that watches are becoming more useless and will be eliminated sooner or later.

But this statement is obviously wrong.

Why do you say that?

Because watches are not just watches, if you just want to watch the time, the watch may have been eliminated. Why is it still popular today? Because the watch also has an important identity, that is, decorations.

Moreover, in the eyes of many people, watches are not ordinary decorations.

It can even be said that if the clothes are not replaced, the watch will be difficult to replace.

This is a Patek Philippe Henry Graves ultra-complex pocket watch. It was specially customized for the New York banker Henry Graves in 1925. The dial shows a deep night sky map over Manhattan. A few years ago The auction price was as high as 2,237,000 Swiss francs (about $24 million at the time, RMB 150 million).

First of all, from the watch is an ornament, in fact, in the era of wall charts and pocket watches, the main function they bear is the decorations, because they are all decorated so beautifully, including enamel, carving, polishing and other details, but also a lot The use of precious metals, for ordinary people, it is not easy to have a piece, because it is too expensive, so at the beginning of the time, the watch is basically the jewelry or plaything of the rich class.

Of course, it is also very important that many of them are not allowed to go at all (ps, the author refers to earlier), and even one or two hours of error are commonplace. At the beginning of the watch, it was also the time that watchmakers demanded aristocratic customers to improve the pocket watch into a form that can be worn on the hand.

This is a Vacheron Constantin master series 86073/000P-9752 (also known as "Vacheron Constantin Métiers d'Art Zodiac Legendary Snake Year"), equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, the case is made of platinum, with The date and day display function combines paper-cutting, engraving, enamel and Chinese cultural features in a 40 mm diameter and 30 m waterproof.

Then the watch is not a general ornament. Some of the above are mentioned. The exterior of the watch can be decorated with many exquisite crafts, including enamel, engraving, lacquer, hollowing, sanding, drawing, etc. These are not simple crafts. Only. In addition, although the movement of the watch is a precise mechanical structure, it can also be created like a treasure, full of agility. More importantly, it represents time. What is more precious than time in this world?

This is a Breguet classic complex series 5317BA/12/9V6 watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, case is made of 18K gold, with power reserve display and tourbillon function, diameter 39 mm, waterproof 30 meters, the following picture For its exquisite movement, it is a rare craft.

In fact, not only these expensive watches will not be easily eliminated, even cheaper watches will not be easily eliminated, because they are also different from many other decorations besides watching time. Moreover, as practical watches become more and more intelligent, the functions will surely become more and more, the role will of course become larger and larger, and the possibility of being replaced will become smaller and smaller.