Why is the ultra-thin watch so thin

- Jun 09, 2018-

Why is the ultra-thin watch so thin?

In today's watches, there is a certain type of table, is the darling of the consumer eyes, treasure is the industry's eyes, but have been expert of slam the door, it is like a beautiful floating dream, we are eager to the good, indulge don't want to wake up, this is the thin sheet. In 1960, the earl of first to launch the world's most thin chain on the automatic machine core 12 p, stir tabulation, two years later, released 1466 u Eterna automatic mechanical movement, at this point, the clock and watch brand is revealed to us an important development direction of modern mechanical watch, it is in the pocket watch period of breakthrough, watches and clocks on the premise of convenient practical (scared), further miniaturization. In 1976, ETA 2892 was based on 1466 u (Eterna is ETA's former club), since then, ultra-thin is no longer a top clock manufacturer's patent, as long as you want to do of ultra-thin watch, do not need to spend a lot of research and development costs, can be easily achieved. After 40 years of popularity, ETA 2892 has become the universal movement of daily ultra-thin watches. An ordinary person can own an ultra-thin watch without paying a high price.


ltra-thin watches, of course, represent elegance. Elegant basic has been using the word rotten, elegant the word used to describe a good watch together, it is a bit old, but I still want to use the word, because I believe that everybody thinks still is longing for the elegant, also not be twisted off. Elegant and decent, not only reflected in the appearance of the most important is the manners of bearing, we can spend some money to buy something to grace, but tolerance is can't buy with money, the bearing will develop a unique vision, they will let elegant sends out a real attraction. Ultrathin sheet of elegant, is a kind of bearing, a kind of delicate, a kind of extreme beautiful pursuit, we found that is not just watch and modern electronic products, in order to advocate the idea of a "better life", are perfectly simple, thin, thin often means a good, strong technological, easy to be close to, but are placed into the scenery everywhere. Ultra-thin table this graceful, when you wear on your wrist, naturally, but we should also recognize that who can't count on a thin table to save the image of a slovenly, ultrathin sheet of elegant, is a kind of icing on the cake.