Why is quartz clock more accurate than quartz wrist watch

- Apr 26, 2018-

Why is quartz clock more accurate than quartz wrist watch?

Because quartz clock is larger than quartz watch, the machining difficulty is relatively low. In addition, quartz clocks are commonly used on indoor walls, and the indoor environment (temperature and humidity) is relatively stable, which can ensure more accurate movement of the core.

The quartz watch is not the same as the size of the quartz clock, and the shaking of the arm and the changes in the environment (temperature, humidity, light, magnetic field... The quartz clock is not as normal as the quartz clock.

Quartz clock is a great invention in the pursuit of low price (high popularity) and high precision timing tools. Also let the clock really become People's Daily life necessities. The meaning of a quartz clock is like a ballpoint pen in a writing tool. In the mid-1970s, quartz watches (mainly Japanese quartz watches) brought "destruction" to the Swiss traditional watchmaking industry, known as the "quartz revolution". Although the cultural value and technological value of mechanical timekeeping were later recognized, the Swiss watch factory, which was carried to the mechanical table, was only the second third of the "quartz revolution".