Why is a flywheel watch so expensive

- Mar 25, 2019-

Where on earth is the tufa watch expensive?

First, the principle of the flywheel

Tuofei was originally designed to overcome the influence of gravity on the clock core. The inventor was Baoju, a pioneer watchmaker. Its principle is to put the escaping mechanism in a frame, so that the frame rotates 360 degrees around the axis, that is, the axis of the pendulum wheel, to counteract gravity by constantly rotating, thereby improving the running time accuracy of the clock. Because the original escapement mechanism is fixed, when the table shelf position changes, the escapement mechanism remains unchanged, resulting in different forces on the escapement parts and errors. When the escapement mechanism rotates continuously at 360 degrees, the azimuth errors of the parts will be synthesized and offset each other, thus eliminating the errors. At present, the flywheel rotates 360 degrees in one minute, which is considered to be the most ideal rotation speed.

Decomposition diagram of gyro flywheel core

Figure: Core decomposition diagram of the flywheel

Secondly, the technical requirements of the flywheel are very high.

The above principle seems simple, but it is not easy to make. Since the invention of the flywheel in 1790 and until 1950, there have been 600 pocket watches and watches with the flywheel device all over the world in 160 years, which shows that the difficulty of making the flywheel technology is not casual. How difficult is it? A small flywheel device consists of more than 70 fine parts, most of which are hand-made. At the same time, the precision and weight of these parts are extremely demanding. It is said that in general, the weight of the frame and the flywheel can not exceed 0.3 g or 0.013 ounces, which is equivalent to the weight of a swan feather or two parrot feathers.

Three-dimensional rendering of Jijia's planetary flywheel

Picture: Stereo effect of Jijia's planetary flywheel

Thirdly, the flywheel has both artistic beauty

In terms of perception, many friends who like the Tourwheel wristwatch are fascinated by the feeling of the Tourwheel rotation. Some of them say that through the delicate operation of the Tourwheel, they feel the mystery of the universe. Others say that they feel the artistic beauty of time walking. These views vividly describe the charm of the Tourwheel. Some people say that the unique operation of the flywheel has brought the beauty of the dynamic art of clocks and watches to its peak. Although it may be exaggerated, it is also reasonable.

Flywheel, the mechanical dynamic art of peak building.

Picture: Flywheel, mechanical dynamic art of peak building.

General comment: Tourwheel still represents the most superb, exquisite and rigorous watchmaking technology, and is a perfect combination of watchmaking technology and art carrier, so the price is too expensive to ignore, while its maintenance should not be ignored and neglected.

Because of the complex and precise manufacturing technology of Tourwheel watches and the high tariff of this luxury goods, the price of imported Tourwheel watches is extremely high in the domestic market, which makes it difficult for Tourwheel, a classic form, to be popularized in China. Therefore, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd. has assumed the important task of developing and popularizing the domestically-owned flywheel technology.

Seagull watch multifunctional gold watch hollow double-top flywheel ST8083GK

Seagull watch multifunctional gold watch hollow double-top flywheel ST8083GK

The mechanical watch manufacturing industry of "Seagull Watch" has a history of 50 years. With the accumulation of long-term industrial resources, its advantages are gradually emerging. The ability to adapt to the manufacturing level of international pioneer products and meet market needs, especially the products with independent intellectual property rights and the production technology in line with the international watch industry, has enhanced its core competitiveness. After a year's efforts, its "Touflywheel" table with independent intellectual property rights ended the long-standing monopoly of Swiss watch group technology, and with the highest technology level, the shortest design and production time, the highest added value, set the top three in the history of Chinese watches. At the same time, it has won the popularity of watches enthusiasts with its exquisite appearance design.

As one of the three essential items for marriage at the end of the twentieth century, watches, a light industrial product with symbolic significance, have been endowed with new meanings by Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Company. The "flywheel" watches produced by the watches are becoming gifts and collections of high-end consumers and watch-loving people in the new era. Under the influence of the popularization of "seagull watch", a wave of watches is coming into being.“ The "Tuofei" has gradually spread in China.