Why do some newly purchased batteries for electronic watches use less than the rated time

- Mar 19, 2019-

The battery life of the electronic hand is less than the rated time. The battery life of the electronic hand indicated in the manual refers to the service life of the new battery used by the hand. Because the electronic hand is equipped with batteries when it leaves the factory and starts to run, and the hand has to go through the Sales Department of the factory and the sales links of all parts of the country, and gradually grow out, which takes a period of time, both long and short.

Therefore, it is possible for individual consumers to buy Electronic hand, without the rated time of battery power phenomenon.

Since Yunli moved 9 inches, the automatic hand continued to walk 12 hours, after that, the hair in the hand is generally tightened.

Therefore, when it is removed from the wrist and placed in a static state, it can maintain the walking ability above 12 + but this means that under normal wearing conditions, if individual users are basically inactive or mobile 1; when less, when removed and placed, the machine will not reach the above standards. Therefore, in case of such a situation, when removing and placing it, it should swing a few times, or with a common hand, with a few windings on the hand, so that when it is placed automatically, it can also walk normally.

The daily error of ordinary quartz electrons is less than 5 seconds, which is a few tenths of the mechanical error. This is mainly due to the high and stable oscillation frequency of quartz oscillator in quartz.

The truth of high frequency walking time is that people study how to improve the accuracy of clock walking time for a long time, the stronger the ability, the more accurate the hand. The oscillation frequency of quartz electrons is 32768, which is 10,000 times higher than that of ordinary fast pendulum machines, so quartz electrons are much more accurate than manipulators. In addition, due to the structure of the machine itself, due to the effect of the earth force, the deviation of horizontal and vertical positions will produce potential difference. The clocks are tightened to relax, the moment is unbalanced. In addition, under the influence of external temperature and magnetic field vibration, even if the frequency of the manipulator is increased, it will not be possible for the quartz electronic hand to reach the same time as the radio time signal every few days. This is basically the same as the radio time signal. It's just the right time to go.

Hand timing is caused by radio time signal at the beginning, but if there is error every day after operation, it will increase accumulatively, but the error value increases every day is the same. If the travel time error does not exceed the quality standard, it is only qualified. If the error value exceeds the prescribed standard, then adjust it with a quick and slow needle to make it travel more accurately.

If the hand and radio time signal pair, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, no regularity, but the error is very small, may be related to the use status, also qualified hand. If it is found that the error is too large, there is no regularity, and it can not be adjusted by switching the fast contradictory needle, and its accuracy can not be guaranteed, it needs to be checked and checked to make its travel time conform to the stipulated standards.