Why do people still buy mechanical watches with manual chains

- Apr 26, 2018-

Why do people still buy mechanical watches with manual chains?

1.Manual mechanical watch is generally automatic mechanical watch to thin (because there is no automatic manual machine and automatic tuo), so today there are still a lot of thin dress watch is made manually mechanical movement, it's very elegant. On behalf of the works, there are Ref.5119, 5196, 5123 and so on.

2. It's not the same with people and people. People who love a person or have a mechanical heart feel that it is a great pleasure to string a love chart every morning, but those who don't love it may feel trouble. And because the manual machine is thin, the power reserve for the spring is usually less than 40 hours (long power manual machine core), if the day does not string, the wrist watch has the risk of stopping.

3. The hand feeling of top string of top brand manual machine is very unique. In other words, a person with a little "practice" will be able to judge the quality and price range of a watch from the process. Once you have this feeling, it's natural to feel satisfied with the strings.

4. The manual machine core structure is relatively simple, and the maintenance cost is generally lower than the automatic core.