Why do Omega and Patek Philippe use the same machine core?

- Apr 13, 2019-

Lunar landing super-hegemony is the most unique watch in Omega series. On the one hand, Omega's lunar landing superhegemony has a history of entering space and landing on the moon; on the other hand, Omega's lunar landing superhegemony is a very rare manual timepiece in Omega's watches of the same class, which uses the traditional manual winding core. Senior players will know that Omega Superpower/Lunar Superpower has been using the same manual timer as Patek Philippe for a long time.

What astronauts wear when they go to the moon is Omega.

Omega: From 1957 to 1968, Omega used the Omega 321 manual timer on the timetable of the Superpower/Lunar Landing Superpower.

Patek Philippe: Since the mid-1980s, 39.7 million calendars and 59.7 million calendars have been timed. Patek Philippe CH27 manual timer is used.

Omega 321 and Patek Philippe CH27 are actually the same. (Because of different brand positioning, grinding and decoration of the machine core, different structural details, but essentially the same machine core). Omega and Patek Philippe, besides being world famous watches brands, have different positioning and pricing. They seem to have no intersection. Why do they use the same wick? There are stories in them. Look down.

Omega's Super Timing Meter (I) launched in 1957 and Patek Philippe's 397 million-year calendar (II), they use essentially the same kind of machine core.

In 1930, in order to enhance its strength, Omega and Tiansuo jointly established a watch group called SSIH, which began to share technology and market. This Omega-Tissot group is the predecessor of today's Swatch Group. Two years later, Lemania, a famous watchmaker/core factory, joined the group (Lemania is now a core factory under Baoji) and became Omega, Tinsuo and Lemania, three Daniel associations. Later, Omega and Lemania began to cooperate in the development of a new timer core, the project code CH27 C12. After Omega and Lemania's technical research, the final success. Omega calls this core Omega 321 and Lemania calls the new core Lemania 2310. Because of its excellent performance, structure and appearance, the new manual top chord timer has been purchased and used by various brands, including Patek Philippe, Abi and Jiang Shidanton. Among them, Patek Philippe made further decoration and modification on the machine core, which became Patek Philippe's CH27-70Q machine core, which was used on the 3970,597 million-year calendar.

Omega 321 core (top) and lemania 2310 core (bottom) are actually the same kind of core.

Although Omega is the developer of 321 mandrel, in 1968, Omega stopped using this mandrel on Lunar Landing Superpower and replaced 321 mandrel with 861 manual winding mandrel (currently on sale, Lunar Landing Superpower is using an upgraded 1861 mandrel with 861 mandrel, which shows that Omega's historical inheritance and lineage of Lunar Landing Superpower is very pure). In 2011, Patek Philippe introduced its own CH29 manual timer core, replacing the CH27 core.

What kind of mandrel is Omega 321?

Omega 321 is a durable and beautiful manual top chord. When Omega and Lemania jointly developed the core, they positioned the code CH27, 27 of which represents the size of the core 27 mm. Omega 321 is 27 mm in diameter and 6.74 mm in thickness. Like today's 7750 and El Primero timer cores, they are all 30mm in size, so Omega 321 is a relatively small timer cores.

Omega 321 core, because the main splint of the core is not rhodium-plated, so it presents a red-copper color, which is also a major feature of the antique Omega core. It has high recognition.

Omega 321 core uses the most traditional manual timetable structure, using cylindrical wheel control, using horizontal clutch. The columnar wheel petal shape reduces the friction stroke of lever movement when the timer starts/stops/returns to zero, and the timer operates smoothly. At the same time, the shape of the cylindrical wheel is more beautiful. The horizontal clutch structure of the Omega 321 core is also very classical and beautiful. The running second wheel and the timing second wheel mesh/separate through the clutch gear. The Y-shaped splint of the fixed timing second wheel and timing fraction wheel has very high recognition. Various levers, splints and gears are crisscrossed and have a strong ornamental. It is precisely because of these characteristics of cylindrical wheel and horizontal clutch (mainly beautiful), the top timer is generally using the configuration combination of cylindrical wheel and horizontal clutch. This machine core takes into account both performance and beauty, so all brands including Patek Philippe, Jiang Sidanton and Abi will use this machine core one after another.

Omega 321 core uses 17 gemstone bearings, swing frequency 18,000 times per hour, power storage 44 hours. There are small second hand, 30 minute clock, 12 hours, 3 small dials. Another technical detail is that the 321 core uses the instantaneous minute timer pointer. Every 60 seconds in the timer, the minute timer pointer jumps one grid and points to the next minute. Although instantaneous clock pointers are not uncommon in today's timetables, in the era of 321, most of them are slow-crawling (referring to the continuous slow movement of the clock pointer, rather than jumping directly from 1 minute to 2 minutes).