Why do men wear watches on their left hand

- Mar 15, 2019-

Why do men wear watches in their left hand? Why do men wear watches in their left hand? This is also due to my energy on the train, when I was seatless on the train for 15 hours, bored when I observed an insignificant thing, that is, to see most men wear watches on the left hand, while women wear watches on the right hand, which triggered some of my thinking: 1. Men wear watches on the left hand seems practical most boys. Like to wear a watch in the left hand, because the right hand is used to work, in the work is not like the right hand uncomfortable feeling, and watch wearing in the right hand can not watch the time to use the left hand to correct the time, generally boys'watches are not necessarily luxurious, exquisite but must be durable and accurate operation, such as Langqin men's watches. Point 2: Wearing a watch on the left hand is an ideal incarnation of time. Few boys wear watches because it is sometimes troublesome. Boys who like simplification don't wear watches even for decoration, but take other easily removed items such as Buddha beads and wristbands. Most of the boys wearing watches have a sense of time urgency. Most of them are diligent and take things seriously. Point 3: Wearing on the left hand is the embodiment of noble personality. Almost all the men who wear watches I know have many common characteristics. They are loyal and honest. Although they have a kind face, they are very indifferent to strangers because they are good at summing up experience and lessons. When they grow up in losses, the world learns to be hypocritical and treat them with false faces. Abhorrent villains, but not to witnesses, gentlemen, because it is amazing to often summarize their functions of knowing people. Point 4: Wearing on the left hand is a quiet and introverted expression of the same characteristics as girls, but the difference is that this quiet is mostly calm and heavy. They are prudent in doing things, not easy to talk about right and wrong, not easy to make decisions, often thinking about social problems, and very prudent in making personal decisions. Point 5: Wearing on the left hand is influenced by traditional concepts. Since ancient times, it has been said that it is difficult to be a girlfriend in China. The left side is big, while the right side is small. This is how seats are arranged, including during festivals. Perhaps for this reason, men prefer to wear watches on their left hand.