Why do men wear watches

- Apr 09, 2019-

Watches, for the vast majority of people, are luxury goods. Luxury goods do not give consumers the basic functional needs of products. It is meant to be a practical tool worn on the wrist for timing and displaying time. Nowadays, with the popularization of timing tools, the function of wristwatch is not to pay attention to timing function. This kind of small object, which greatly exceeds its own function value, is more a kind of ornament, which symbolizes the taste of accessories. In western political philosophy, the evaluation of a society's progress depends on whether it abandons functionalism and realizes spiritualism. So far, some people still can not understand why they wear watches when they have mobile phones. It can be seen that the concept of watches is still functionalist.

Why do men wear watches? The first is attitude. I don't think watches are just about looking at time. When a person wears a watch, it usually means a strong sense of time and a rigorous style of work. People who don't wear watches, or frequently ask others about time, often show that this person's concept of time is not strong, and watch time is a sign of respect for customers. More realistically, successful people need to seize the opportunity, pay attention to their own time, need to always contend, and watch the nearest to you, wrist bending time is the most normal and elegant posture. Time is a contract agreed upon by both parties. Punctuality represents honesty, and this quality can be quickly conveyed among strangers.

Why do men wear watches? Of course, there is taste. A man's rare good taste is first of all that he wears to fit in with the occasion, and the relationship between clothes and watches is also subtle, suitable clothes and matching watches: sports timetable, fashion design watches, business people's elegant watches, etc. In any case, the importance of a watch lies more in its identity.

In different occasions such as business, sports, leisure, social work, what style and brand of watches to wear, there are different fastidious, a watch in all occasions "eat all" dress behavior is not feasible, it is a performance of no taste. A truly tasteful person will match different watches on different occasions, because it not only shows the owner's wealth status, but also shows the owner's unique taste.

Why do men wear watches? It's a kind of self-confidence. A person who wears a watch and a person who does not wear a watch are two completely different identities. The person who wears a watch takes time seriously. Wearing a watch is also a symbol of a man's maturity. It will make the other person feel that you are strict and confident, and make the other party trust you more. Just look at the wrist of the heads of state.

Men, in addition to the wedding ring on their hands, the only decoration is watches. And wearing golden chains can make men vulgar even if you are more tasteful and knowledgeable. In the West, a mature and experienced man must have three treasures: watches, pens and lighters. At present, for domestic men, watches, wallets and belts are three sets of men. There is a consensus on watches in terms of how different Chinese and Western cultures are. Some men prefer Omega and Kurwa because these brands can really bring a sublimation to the wearer.