Why do mechanical meters have errors? What is the general error range?

- Apr 23, 2019-

Friends with watches must know that there are certain errors in mechanical watches or quartz watches. It is common electronic watches that can make no difference in a second. And the error of mechanical watches is often the largest, so many friends who just started wearing mechanical watches will have a worry: why their watches just right time, how there are errors, and the time on the mobile phone is completely wrong, even the error is almost a minute, is there a problem with the watch I bought? It's not once or twice, it's often.

Now that we have talked about errors, let's study them carefully. What is the error of mechanical watches? And how much is the error of mechanical watches reasonable?

Before we talk about this problem, let's first talk about why quartz watches are more precise when they go. Quartz watches have a fixed vibration frequency. Quartz has a fixed vibration frequency. The vibration frequency will determine the vibration period, and the vibration period is the time of one vibration, so the quartz watches will be more accurate, because its vibration frequency is fixed.

But inside the machine core of the mechanical watch is the mechanical rotation, its power is provided by the spring, when the automatic chain-up, it is the continuous rotation of the pendulum to chain up, and gravity, magnetic field and metal fatigue and other reasons will cause the mechanical transmission unbalanced error, so the error of the mechanical table will be greater.

Generally speaking, the daily errors of international standard mechanical wristwatches are allowed within (+30 seconds), while the core errors certified by the Observatory will be more stringent. The average daily errors should reach - 4 seconds to + 6 seconds/day to pass the customs. Take Rolex as an example, Rolex has been pursuing the ultimate handicraft, and its own requirements are that the errors of the manufacturer must be controlled within 5S.

The power generation of automatic mechanical watches is that we wear them every day. We use the wrist movement to make the pendulum rotate. Then there is an endless flow of kinetic energy. The full-chain automatic mechanical watches can run for about 36 hours. According to the normal automatic mechanical watches worn everyday, the operation time is about 15 hours, if we don't take or sit in the office for a long time. How to move the case, the watch may appear to stop the phenomenon, this time we need to manually wind up, about 40 laps.

It must be pointed out here that the error of the mechanical meter belongs to the long-term, not that after adjustment, there will be no error in the future. Because there are many reasons affecting travel time, such as the tight state of the internal mechanical spring, the position will change, including the influence of temperature will also change, mobile phones, television, computers and other electronic equipment generated magnetic field will also have a certain impact. So even if the watch is set to one second, it won't always be maintained. Precision varies instantaneously with fluctuations.

Watches are the most accurate when they are fully winded, so the manual mechanical wristwatch is to form a good habit of regularly chaining the watches'movement, so that the watches can move more accurately, and the automatic mechanical wristwatch also needs to go once every other time to maintain sufficient kinetic energy.