Why can't you swim with a waterproof watch in general

- May 17, 2019-

Although general watches take sealing measures to prevent the invasion of sweat and harmful gases, they are not absolutely water-intake. At the same time, there are some inevitable phenomena in the use of watches: every day a needle is pulled, rubber rings in the handle or handle tube will gradually wear out. The glass of the watch will expand and shrink due to the influence of temperature, which will make it appear void with the shell; and the water-proof glue of the back cover. Ring aging or corrosion due to sweat will reduce the waterproofing performance of waterproof watches.

Therefore, waterproof watches should never be worn to swim or bathe. Even when washing clothes, dishes and cooking, attention should be paid to not splashing water on the watches or making water vapor enter the body. Otherwise, it will rust the parts in the watches, affect the quality of running time and even lose the use value.