Why can't swim for normal waterproof watches?

- Nov 17, 2017-

In general waterproof watch is not diving watch ,Although it has taken measures to seal ,

and can prevent this intrusion of sweat and harmful gas ,but not absolutely no water inside.

At the same time, the watch will appear some unavoidable phenomenon in the process of using:

when every day a handsetting ,rubber ring handle head or handle head tube will gradually wear glass table; influence of temperature and thermal expansion and contraction, and it will make the case frame fit gap; waterproof apron cover of the aging or by the sweat corrosion effect, these will reduce the waterproof performance of the water table. Therefore, it can not wear the water table to go swimming, go take a bath.  laundry, washing the dishes, and also pay attention for cooking, don't make the water splashed to the face or the water vapor into the face, otherwise it will make the face inside the mechanical water rust, influence the quality of movements, even lose value.

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