Why are steel watches becoming more and more difficult to buy?

- Apr 13, 2019-

With the launch of Rolex's new GMT 126710BLRO-001, Rolex has added a watch that is sold at a higher retail price. The secondary market is already around 130,000. It's no exaggeration to say that Rolex is the only brand that can sell more than the retail price.

A lot of people will say, this is on behalf of the purchase, store or can buy ah? It's true that stores can still buy over-priced sales, but only if you become their VIP customers. Instead of those casually buying an entry-level model is the VIP style. Nowadays, no part of Rolex in China still buys black water ghosts, green water expensive, new Pepsi Circle, Ditona Steel and Blue Skywalker at VIPyuan price, and sells them in the form of individual tying. And the tie-in style is sure to be unsalable sales, total 70,000 green ghosts tie-in 95,000 Panda Di bar. Someone did buy the popular style I mentioned from the original price of the store, which does not exclude that they are the VIP of the shop. They used to buy many watches at a high price. In order to maintain customer relationship, the shop will give you one or two of the original price. Or the media, which is also a relationship of interest. Dealers who can't be human are those who don't even give VIPs and sell them directly. It's really offensive to old customers and annoying to new customers. But it can't stand the good sale of the products. Anyway, there are too many people to buy. Business is not for profit.

So why does the price of watches go up like this? Let's break and break the reason.

I. Brand Reduction

A few years ago, the trend of production reduction began to hang up, followed by brands such as Popper, Cartier, Rolex and Patek Philippe. Accompanied by the introduction of Abby 15400ST blue face, black face, white face is also less. Since the launch of 5711P on the 40th anniversary of Nautilus, the price of Nautilus has gone up all the way. As a result, for most watches, it is almost impossible to buy a Nautilus 5711A from the original price of the store. The strategy of changing distributors to direct stores was gradually abolished by Abe Company, which made the direct stores a speech. A friend of mine paid a deposit of 40,000 to reserve 15710ST black face at a dealer in China. It's almost a year now, but it still hasn't arrived. At a store in Shanghai, a customer comes in and asks if they have any goods. The answer is that they are all out of stock. They really need tying to buy in stores. In addition to Abby, Rolex's tie-in sale is well known. Some stores buy a green ghost with a price of 225800 yuan 228238 full-gold DD wristwatch. The steel Ditona needs to look at Tituo Ocean Prince's or gold-style wristwatches with a price of about 100,000. Anyway, sports money is to be sold together with regular money. Even Dituo's bronze wristwatches have to sell about 30,000 other wristwatches.

Since the market needs, can't brands increase production?

In fact, the problem is very simple. The output of the brand next year is determined by the sales performance of this year and the expectation of the market. That is to say, the brand side feels that the form of next year is not so optimistic. If the output of this year is maintained, it will inevitably lead to unsalability or give a discount to sell. This situation is very bad for the brand, so the brand prefers to use destruction to maintain price stability. After all, the brand is very particular, just like a light luxury brand named what burns its products is a truth. Some people say it's hype, but it's the way to run a brand. They would rather burn it than sell it at a lower price. Because there is a low price to sell the unsalable money, there will be the second time. Who will buy the new money at the original price in the future? Don't you wait half a year to buy a special price? What does the brand make? How to support workers and pay taxes?

Two, exchange rate

Since the trade war between China and the United States, the exchange rate has soared. Plus watches are mostly made in Switzerland and Germany. Therefore, affected by foreign exchange, the invisible purchase cost of stores will be higher and higher. But because the domestic retail price has not been adjusted accordingly, the discount given by the stores can only be less and less. Take Shanghai as an example. In the past few years, non-sports items can be given a 9% discount directly. Full-gold wristwatches are 88% discount directly. Now it's almost 98% or 95% off. In the end, it's 9 folds. In fact, the disguise has increased the profit point of the distributor, so the hot money that the brand gives to the distributor will also have the form of tie-in sale. After Zui, consumers can only be the successor of Zui. Isn't it a popular joke lately? If you have 20 million yuan, you have lost a Mercedes-Benz C-Series today. If you have 2 million yuan, you have lost 20,000 yuan. If you have 10,000 yuan, you have lost a breakfast. This is the fact before us. After all, it is not a local product. Foreign exchange settlement is an inescapable topic.

3. Distributors make bad

Brand did reduce production, but many distributors began to break down at this time. Hot money is not absent, just not bought in the warehouse, is the so-called exotic goods. Or the customer can tie up one and sell it again. As far as I'm concerned, many Rolex stores have nigger, green ghost and steely watches. Because of the reduction of brand production, there are fewer brands on the market, so the brand will be slowly put in hand. Continue to maintain the heat of the market and the form of tying. The popular water ghosts and Ditona are basically monopolized and sold by the British and Eastern watchmakers in Hong Kong, while domestic quotas are pinched by domestic distributors. This is Rolex's way. And the path of Abbe is simpler, as the Sutra goes.