Why are some watches so expensive?

- Oct 23, 2017-

Why are some watches so expensive?

There are three main reasons as below:

1, complex function

Rare watches are almost complex mechanical watches, in a small watchcase, to install hundreds of parts, there are more complex function of watch parts, you can imagine what kind of exquisite craft. A complicated watch needs a skilled watchmaker to spend one or two years to make it, and it takes at least 10 years to train such a watchmaker. So, are those watches cheap?

2, brand

Almost every watch big brand has more than 100 years of history, an enterprise can do for hundreds of years has been booming, indicating that it has been innovative, in the development. After so long history, cultural accumulation, brand natural value is not expensive. So watches have become a part of luxury. As a luxury so the price will go up, according to the principle of quartz watch is not worth the money, but a Cartire watch also sell tens of thousands of quartz, this is mainly the brand value.

3, interaction

Because of the particularity of watches, although the price is very high, but it is still pursued by people enthusiastically, whether for the purpose of appreciation or for the purpose of collection. Because of the market, naturally let the watchmaker have greater enthusiasm to invent new technology, create new technology, new modeling. For example, now the invention of silicon, silicon and so on balance wheel hairspring. And enamel technology, diamonds and so on. Brand value plus precious metals or gemstones, as well as various functions, their final value is not simply 1+1=2, but double growth. In addition, the content of rare expensive, limited edition watches because of scarcity, price rise is also a matter of course.

Athens all Diamond Watch


Valuation: $1 million

Athens watches as the world's top watches, exquisite tabulation process and innovative ability, has become synonymous. Athens Ulysse Nardin--Royal Blue Tourbillon is a perfect complex performance table, which can be seen everywhere. When the upper chain passes through the transparent surface, it can clearly see that the spring box, the gear and the escapement structure are coherently driven, and the power storage is as long as 130 hours. The chain case and platinum were inlaid with 568 top Wesselton diamonds (33.8 carats), 234 Royal sapphire (16.79 carats).

Cartire Phoenix Watch


Valuation: $2 million 750 thousand

Cartire -Secret watch with phoenix decor-Cartire's only Secret Phoenix watch, 18K Rhodium Plated Platinum, eyes emerald grandmother, beak by a piece of 3.53 carat diamond cut into. Cartier's watch has a total of 3010 diamonds, weighing 80.13 carats. With a lot of exquisite beyond compare ideas, precious stones, or unique, expensive and expensive justified.

Patek Philippe gold Calibre 89


Valuation: $4 million 600 thousand

The Patek Philippe gold Calibre 89 watch has 33 stunning complex features, including a rare calendar that can run for 28 100 years without any adjustments. It shows all the complicated functions that people can think of in a mechanical table. As one of the most complicated portable tables in the world, the number of parts is as high as 1728. It was made in 1989 to celebrate the Patek Philippe 150th anniversary, and the development lasted for 9 years. This pocket watch is a limited production of 4 pieces: gold, platinum, rose gold and platinum, each with its own characteristics. Gold in 1989 by Antiquorum auction; 2004 platinum price auction to 6 million 600 thousand Swiss francs. In addition, the charm of Patek Philippe Calibre89 also lies in its size: 9 cm in diameter, 4 cm in thickness, 1.1 kg in weight.