Why are quartz watches sold at the counter so expensive?

- Mar 29, 2019-

Friends who have been to the counter of a large shopping mall to buy watches should be impressed by the price of watches. Why? Because the price of watches was shocked, the cheapest style price was 999 yuan, the price of mid-range watches was 2999, and the price of high-end brands needed more than 5999. This price is far beyond the consumption capacity of the ordinary class. As a salaried class, how can we afford to buy thousands of yuan watches? For ordinary people, the price of watches in the counter can be described as "sky-high price". Why is it so cheap to buy Quartz watches on the Internet for the same products?

Because the products of the special counter need entrance fee, advertising fee and so on. The same product will be 30% cheaper on the network. They need to pay entrance fee and advertising fee. This is one reason. The second reason is that the special counter brand has the possibility of fooling consumers with its high price. Shenzhen quartz watchmaker said that the prices of their products are different in different districts. If they were bought in the counter, the original 500 yuan quartz watches would be 1 388 yuan. The profit of the distributors is too high. So the consumers are now smart to order directly from the businessmen, eliminating the profiteering link of the middlemen, and buying the most suitable watches at the lowest price.