Why are custom watches so expensive

- Mar 16, 2019-

If you look at the price tags of watches, you may be surprised. In fact, the price difference of custom watches is very big. That is why brand watches are expensive. So why are custom watches so expensive?

Customized watches need to start with prototype design and depend on the complexity of watches. Sometimes it takes several years to complete. On this basis, models need to be created and tested and adjusted again and again. When these processes are completed, production can begin. Before regular watchmakers sell watches, a lot of design and labor costs have been spent. Therefore, it is expensive. The price is understandable, which is why the price of custom watches is higher than that of standard watches.

When a watch is produced, a lot of money has been spent, but none has been sold yet. This is a step of marketing. It also needs to create product image and marketing activities to promote the latest watches. It is common to promote the latest watches through media publicity, because it can make watches brand known everywhere in the world and distribute customized watches to retailers in order to make zero. Vendors make money and need to make a unified price. If all these elements are combined, the price is understandable.