Which of the belts, steel belts, and tungsten steel belts is better?

- Mar 23, 2018-

At present, there are mainly quartz and mechanical watch straps. From the point of view of durability, tungsten steel belts have the highest hardness, are not easy to wear, and are also relatively expensive, but they are relatively brittle and are afraid of severe impact. The hardness of the steel strip is slightly lower, but the toughness is high. The long-term erosion of the belt when it encounters sweat or chemical substances will become brittle and harden. The small ring used for fixing on the belt is also easy to break and deform. However, the belt is relatively soft, light in weight and relatively comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to injure the skin or clothing. From the point of view of style, the tungsten steel strip and the steel strip have a strong sense of metal and give people a sense of toughness. The belt is more elegant and elegant. In short, several watchbands have their own characteristics. You can choose according to your preferences and needs.