Which is the best for men's watch, quartz or mechanical watch?

- May 15, 2019-

Which is better, men's watch quartz or mechanical watch?

1. Comparison of travel time between quartz and mechanical watches

Men's quartz watches and mechanical watches belong to watches, but the difference is that they are different in both watchmaking and material. For example, quartz watches are not as complicated as mechanical watches, but their travel time is more precise. Usually, watches will work normally without too much bad behavior.

2. Value comparison of quartz and mechanical watches

Although the travel time of mechanical watches is not as good as quartz watches, it has a high collection value, especially for some limited editions or collections of watches, its value will be higher. This is because the configuration of the mechanical watch is very advanced, and it is very strict with the technical level of the watchmaker, so sometimes a small mechanical watch can be taken sky-high price.

3. Comparison of power sources between quartz and mechanical watches

In addition, they have different motives, which means that they will wear in different ways. Men's quartz watches are powered by batteries, while mechanical watches are powered by winding.

Therefore, men who usually wear quartz watches do not need to consider the problem that watches do not go out. On the contrary, those who wear mechanical watches go out, once they are not full of wind, watches have no power source, and the phenomenon of natural pointer stopping is very common.

4. Comparison of Life of Quartz and Mechanical Watches

Generally, the service life of quartz watches is relatively short, because the configuration of quartz watches is very common, and the accuracy of quartz watches will gradually decrease after 6 to 8 years of normal use. And even if quartz watches are normally maintained, their service life will not be very long. But the mechanical watch can, advanced configuration makes its service life prolonged a lot, even if it doesn't take too much time to maintain, it can be used for more than 15 years.