Which is more practical, a mechanical watch or a quartz watch?

- Apr 23, 2019-

Is a mechanical watch good or a quartz watch good?

There is no better way to say that quartz watches travel accurately, 30 times higher than the average accuracy of mechanical watches, cheap, fashionable style. The mechanical watch has high technical content, high playability and collection value. All the watches of the top grade are mechanical watches, especially the flywheel watches. The domestic watches generally need more than 100,000. Patek Philippe, the world's first brand of watches, is constantly creating new high prices at auction.

Whether quartz watches are mechanical watches, watches are divided into four different types according to the power system:

1. Mechanical watch (top chord)

Mechanical watches are one of the most familiar watches. Mechanical watches rely on the winding of the upper chord of the watch core to provide power. They do not need batteries and travel more accurately.

Features: No batteries, long service life, accurate travel time (can adjust the speed of movement).

Representative brands: Tiansuo (Switzerland); OMEGA (Switzerland); Seiko (Japan); Oriental (Japan);

Recommended brand: Seiko, Oriental.

Recommendation Reasons: In fact, as Japanese and Swiss watches, the cost-effectiveness of Japanese watches is obvious, as long as a regular formal mechanical watches RMB: 500.00 or so, value for money!

2. quartz watch

Quartz watches are a new generation of automatic timekeeping watches using electronic technology.

Features: Precise travel time! Long battery life (2-4 years). Ultra-thin, ultra-light.

Representative brands: Casio (Japan); SWATCH (Switzerland); Longqin (Switzerland); Tissot (Switzerland);

Recommended brands: Casio, Longqin, Tiansuo.

Reasons for recommendation: Casio has strong technical strength, fashionable design, first-class watch quality, and has launched a 10-year battery series of high-tech wristwatches at a reasonable price. Longqin, first recognized by the world in the 1869 Olympic Games, has exquisite workmanship, first-class quality and a design style suitable for Orientals to wear.

Tiansuo Sports Touch Screen Watch is a ripple!

3. Mechanical automatic meter, manual kinetic energy meter

The electric energy is driven by the rotation of the automatic disc in the case and stored by IC control. It is necessary to use ordinary wrist movements to maintain energy production.

Characteristics: Sport is energy. No need for battery replacement. Eternal power!

Representative brand: Seiko (Japan).

Recommended brand: Seiko.

Reasons for Recommendation: Automatic Tracking! Seiko Watch Factory's Patent Form Function (Part Model). Electric energy is driven by the rotation of the automatic disk in the case and stored by IC control. Similar to automatic mechanical watches, ordinary wrist movements are also needed to maintain energy production. In addition, when not wearing for a long time, in order to save energy, the watch itself will automatically stop pointer movement, while remembering the operation of time. When wearing again and wrist movement produces energy, all pointers will immediately rotate to the current time when wearing, and continue to run. And you never need to install batteries.

4. Photokinetic watches (see the related light watches!)

Needless to say, it is also the eternal energy, solar energy!

Features: Automatic energy storage, intelligent charging control, etc.

Representative brands: Casio (Japan), West Rail City (Japan).

Recommended brand: Casio, West Rail City.

Reasons for recommendation: Casio watches pay more attention to functional and technical value, mostly excellent sports performance!

West Railway City's photodynamic watches cover formal watches and sports watches.

Kinetic energy is generated by the shaking of the arm with high accuracy. No strings, calendar. The price is not expensive either. General Seiko is also more than 600 yuan. West Rail City is cheaper.

Light is just as good. The price is not high either.