Which is better, the difference between mechanical and quartz watches?

- Mar 16, 2019-

       Many people can't distinguish mechanical watches from quartz watches, saying that their benefits are justified and Buddha's is justified. In fact, mechanical watches and quartz watches have their own advantages. It depends on how you choose them. The mechanical table keeps its value. But the time is not as accurate as the quartz electronic meter. The accuracy of mechanical meter is the most accurate, and the function of quartz electronic meter is the most complete.

1. Mechanical watches can be divided into manual and automatic watches.

(1) Mechanical watches rely on the upper chord of the watch movement to provide power, without the need for batteries.

(2) Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches run continuously and uninterruptedly.

(3) Because of the complexity of the machine core, the travel time error depends on the brand.

(4) Fine technology, easy to use, foot spring (tight target) can walk more than 36 hours. The machine core has a long service life.

(5) The appearance is thicker and heavier than quartz watches. Some brands are thin, but they are usually hand-operated mechanical watches.

2. Quartz watches can be divided into digital, pointer and automatic quartz watches and photodynamic watches.

(1) The second hand of a quartz watch is hopping one by one, and the running time is very accurate.

(2) The integrated circuit is used in the machine core. The structure is much simpler than that of the machine core of the mechanical watch, and the assembly is very simple.

(3) Easy to use, wear without winding, a battery can generally be used for 2-3 years. But some quartz watches use lithium batteries, which have a long service life and can be used for about 7-8 years.

(4) Quartz watches are relatively cheaper than mechanical watches.