Which is better, a steel watch or a belt watch?

- Mar 22, 2019-

Which is better, a steel watch or a belt watch? The following detailed analysis will be for you, specifically by the watch manufacturer Yakang clocks and watches for your detailed introduction.

Leather strap is almost the standard of a formal wristwatch. Wearing a leather strap wristwatch in a suit can be particularly elegant. The "king" of all kinds of leather belts is alligator skin with bamboo knot pattern, which is taken from the small part of the skin from the chest of alligator to the cloaca. Its aesthetic feeling and value are much higher than that of the skin of alligator ribs (round pattern) and crocodile tail (slender pattern). As for the skin on the back of the crocodile, because it is covered with various protrusions and is too rough, it can only be used to make shoes and belts.

But summer is a nightmare for all leather belts. Even the bamboo pattern of alligator skin belts, which cost 4,500 yuan a piece, can produce a serious odor and accelerate the breakage when soaked in sweat. In summer, it's better to wear a leather watch only in an air-conditioned room, and take it off when you go out. Steel watches are built for summer and sports. No matter how much sweat you sweat, it's okay. Just wash them with clean water regularly. Otherwise, the dirt mixed with sweat and dust will fill the gap between the chains of steel watches. Then the wrists darkened.