When wearing watches, don't go in and out of these three places very often

- Apr 23, 2019-

For many successful people, watches are not only accessories, but also additives of temperament. So when attending important occasions, men like to wear a watch. But not every occasion is suitable for watch "survival", if you wear a watch and often enter the following places, your love watch is easy to be OUT carelessly.

Place 1: Sweat Steaming Room

The sweat room has a high temperature and a lot of water vapor. Wearing watches, a sophisticated instrument, will have an impact on it in a warm and humid environment.

Place 2: Playground

The interior of a watch is made up of many machine cores. When wearing a watch to move, the internal machine cores will cause time errors because of violent vibration.

Place 3: There are more electronic products.

Watches belong to precision instruments. When wearing watches, they often contact electronic products. Watches are susceptible to magnetic field, which leads to problems when they are running.

For the partners of love watch, there are three occasions to quickly put away their love watch, but don't let it go wrong.