What watches to wear in summer

- Apr 04, 2019-

Let's start with the most unsuitable watches in summer: 1. watches with leather straps; 2. watches with poor waterproofness. In hot summer, leather straps and sweat are easy to produce odor, and accelerate the damage of leather straps; rainy summer, high humidity and summer swimming opportunities, the most test watches waterproof.

The most important thing to pay attention to in summer is the watchband material of the watch. The hot weather, coupled with the wrist watch wearing on the hand and the wrist closely, is very stuffy and hot. If the leather strap is inhaled some sweat, it will emit a pungent odor. So it's better not to wear a belt watch in summer, but if you really like it, it's also recommended to choose a lighter belt, like crocodile skin.

Belt Watch

So summer is more suitable for wearing watches: Watches with a certain waterproof (more than 100 meters) non-cortical straps are also good, plastic, ceramics, rubber, metal, precious metals... It should be emphasized that some people are allergic to nickel, while stainless steel contains nickel. If you are allergic to wearing stainless steel watches, you can only wear precious metal (18K gold, platinum, rose gold and platinum) watches, ceramic watches, plastic watches or rubber straps.

Steel Watch

Metal watchband

Previous cousins have a saying: "Wear leather straps in winter and steel straps in summer". It means the same thing as warm winter and cool summer. If you wear a metal watch strap in winter, it will chill and sweat in summer. So in summer, most of the watches are worn with metal straps.

But in the past, wearing stainless steel watches can also cause skin allergies, mainly because some stainless steel watchbands contain nickel elements, which can react with sweat, causing skin allergies and other formal clothing. Nowadays, the famous brand watches will not use this stainless steel. Most of them use 316L stainless steel, which is called pharmaceutical grade. This stainless steel can even be used for fermentation and biopharmaceuticals. So in summer, choosing a stainless steel watch with brand quality assurance will not be allergic and sultry.

Guangzhou Watch Custom Manufacturer

In addition to stainless steel straps, there are other precious metal watches to choose from, such as gold watches, rose gold and so on, of course, this is already within the scope of luxury goods. Many watches brands have their own stainless steel watches, where leaves do not recommend brands. Welcome to leave a message about the metal watch you bought!

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Canvas/nylon watchband

When it comes to what watches to bring in summer, some people may have thought of nylon or canvas watches. Yes, compared with the airtight leather straps, these straps are easier to ventilate and heat dissipation. They can be worn all the year round. Youth and vitality are the characteristics of their style.

Tip: Most of them wear short sleeves in summer, and their wrist watches will be exposed, so hollow watches are inappropriate. Because the core of the hollow watch is unshielded, direct sunlight will lead to accelerated drying of lubricating oil in the core and shorten the maintenance cycle.