What watches should men wear at different stages

- Apr 03, 2019-

Many people will emphasize that "watches are not only jewelry for men, but also the most important jewelry for men." In social occasions, the watches people wear often reflect their status, identity and taste. So men should be very careful when choosing watches. It is particularly important to choose a watch that is suitable for your age. What watches are most suitable for men at different stages of life? Have you all chosen the right watches? Next, let's introduce different watches for different ages.

Watch knowledge: Men at different stages of life ____________

Twenty years old

Choosing Windvane: Fashion, Personality and Vitality

Twenty-year-old boys, full of personality and vitality, watch wear pursuit of fashion. At this time, table selection can pay attention to personality and casual, the choice of machine core is mainly quartz, electronics, such a combination can ensure the accuracy of timing and save money, Swatch brand for young people without too much income is the most appropriate. Of course, G-SHOCK is also a fashionable personality watch that many teenagers like today; if you prefer maturity, you can also choose some entry-level Swiss brands, such as Tissot and Medo. Even if you don't have to consider the budget, your choice will be broader. It's a good choice to choose the sports wrist of Longqin or Aibo to show vitality.

in one's thirties

Choosing the Windvane: Social, Mature, Taste, Steady

Men at this stage have faded their childishness and started to work hard for their careers, socialize frequently, and pay attention to public etiquette and image investment. Watches are an image investment for them. Watches are worn in pursuit of taste and atmosphere. Formal watches can reflect the maturity of elite men. For example, some watches from Cartier, Rolex and Universal are very suitable for this age group. Forty years old

Choosing Wind vanes: Steady, Identity, Time and Time Zone

Men's forties should be a period of vigorous career development. At this time, you must be very busy and go out frequently, so efficiency should be taken into account in the choice of watches. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a watch that is practical and beautiful, with good quality and taste. For example, some time zones of Langer, Abby and Jiang Shidanton are good choices, which can highlight the noble and stable male characteristics.

Fifty years old

Choosing the Wind vane: hobbies, collections, tastes

Men of this age have their own "rivers and mountains". They have rich life experience and deep understanding of watches. Therefore, they can choose watches according to their own preferences. Collection and appreciation should be the scope of choice. For example, Patek Philippe or some independent watchmaking brands are good choices. Of course, there are many other brands. Whatever you like