What Watches Are Suitable For Old People To Wear

- Mar 23, 2019-

Watches are one of the indispensable tools in today's life. While young people are paying attention to major brands of watches, old people are also paying attention to them. But for the elderly, watches have different meanings. Their love for watches also shows their cherishing of time. Below Shenzhen watch manufacturers for the elderly to wear the watch it!

Most watches have two functions of decoration and timing. There are many brands, types and styles of watches. Therefore, in the light of the characteristics of the elderly, there are some fastidious choices when choosing watches. For example, the quartz hand has high accuracy and can take less time to take care of it, including needle adjustment without strings, which is very convenient for the elderly, and is also loved by the elderly. However, among many watches, not all watches are suitable for the elderly, such as electronic watches.

Automatic watches are a kind of watches that young people like, but they are not suitable for the elderly. Old people should not wear automatic watches. This is because old people usually have a small amount of activity. If they wear automatic watches, they will cause frequent stops or inaccurate travel time. More importantly, the elderly will not often go to repair the strings of watches, so automatic watches are not suitable for the elderly. Complex watches are not suitable for the elderly. Because there are more pointers on the dial, or more buttons on the case, these complex functions and buttons are not available to the elderly, coupled with the slow thinking and action of the elderly, and complex functional watches are more troublesome in operation, especially the quartz digital display type, even the general young people are difficult to understand or understand its use, especially for the elderly!

Watches with small diameters or dials are not suitable for the elderly. The diameter of men's watch is better than 35 millimeters, and women's watch should be better than 25 millimeters. In addition, the dial and pointer should be distinguished by contrast, such as silver or gold dial. The dial of a watch should be dark color needle, or black dial, and gold or silver pointer. Only in this way can the matching be obvious and convenient for the elderly to observe. The vision of the elderly is worse than that of the general young people, so the dial of a watch must be distinguished. Be intuitive. Fashion brand watches are also not suitable for the elderly, those fancy and fashionable styles or watches worn by the younger generation, or some naive cartoon models are not suitable for the elderly.

Watch straps are easy to open and close. Watch straps are suitable for the elderly to wear. Belt watches should be fastened with butterfly watches. Some old people have poor hands and feet. These configurations are more convenient for the old people. Some watches are operated by one hand when bolted and fastened. If they are not good enough, they will drop the watch carelessly. This is related to the structure (form) of the strap. Butterfly watch buckles can connect the strap with the watch into a ring, which is more convenient to wear. Suitable for the elderly to wear. Watches should not be too thick or overweight, preferably large and thin, thick ceramic or tungsten steel case straps are not suitable for the elderly to wear. Older people will not pay attention to the brand of watches, but will be nostalgic, so compared to the traditional style will be more suitable for the elderly, the memory of the elderly is not good, too expensive watches do not wear. Choose a watch with simple function, as long as it is convenient to use and adjust it. Sometimes, minutes and seconds are enough. In fact, two stitches are enough. Even the calendar and the calendar can not be used. The old people's eyes are not good. The calendar function on the watch is basically invisible, and the watch with the calendar function needs to correct the date by the end of the month. For the old people, that's true. It is also a "difficult" task.