What to do after the watch glass is broken

- Nov 21, 2017-

Watch should be careful to avoid collisions with sharp or hard objects, try not to wear a watch for vigorous exercise to avoid falling or scratches the watch. Watch the watch will be fragmented after the watch will affect the sealing, resulting in the watch into the dust or water vapor, so need to be properly kept.

If accidentally dropped the watch on the ground, or because of a variety of bump led to watch the glass damage, depending on the extent of damage, there are scratches, cracks, corner collapse, completely damaged and so on. If the watch drops just a slight scratch do not mind too much, you can use a small amount of cotton balls stained toothpaste gently wipe. As for the corner crumble and completely damaged, you must change the watch glass.

    If your watch is heavily broken, stop it immediately and place the broken glass face down on a stable surface. Until sent to the watch repair shop should keep the watch flat position. Watch the price of Mongolia is uncertain, depending on the specific model and watch the situation, usually in a few hundred or so.

Broken glass watch the correct approach is as follows:

    1, absolutely can not call the needle, nor can you quickly adjust the calendar.

    2, unplug the watch, let the watch stop walking.

    3, to avoid violent vibration and shaking the watch suffered secondary damage

    4, to remind watch maintenance staff, careful care during repair, do not let the broken glass injury dials, hands.

    The above treatment is to prevent the pointer moving the glass fragments move one step near the dial to avoid greater loss. The value of the dial is often larger than the watch glass