What should I pay attention to when changing batteries for watches? How often should I change batteries for quartz watches?

- May 20, 2019-

Watch Battery Replacement is not recommended

For watches changing batteries, some watchers may be afraid of being pitted in the high cost of repairing watches outside. I simply bought some cheap batteries and so-called tools in a treasure, and planned to do my own food and clothing. Take a good watch to practice and change it smoothly. That's Amitabha. But more importantly, the back cover is scratched in a mess, so it can't be opened and repaired; otherwise, it can't be closed or repaired.

In addition, the batteries purchased on a treasure can not determine the true or false. Even if it's a real battery, it has a warranty. If the battery exceeds the warranty period or is close to the warranty period, then the distributor will sell it below the cost.

Generally, watch batteries are silver oxide batteries. Some of the very low prices are not silver oxide batteries at all, but lithium batteries. They should not be replaced in the watches. They have short life and unstable voltage, and are easy to damage the watches. Batteries that exceed the warranty period have insufficient capacitance and leakage of battery drum. Serious leakage of battery will make the circuit board of the whole machine core unusable.

Replacing batteries for watches seems like a simple thing, but it also requires experience and skill to make the geese pass without trace, as far as possible without trace, or with few trace. After switching the back cover of the watch, the waterproof watch should be waterproof, and the necessary vacuum waterproof testing instrument should be tested.