What should I do when the watch is flooded

- Mar 22, 2019-

Now most watches have waterproof function, so many people do not pay attention to it, and do not understand the waterproof function. Waterproof apron is aging gradually with the passage of time or the erosion of chemicals such as detergents, waterproof performance is gradually declining, waterproof function may also fail. Taking a watch into a pool, bathtub, or even sauna directly results in water-proof watches entering the water. What should we do when the watch is flooded? Shenzhen Yakang Watch Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in watch production. Here are three ways to solve the problem of watches entering water.

Method 1. If the watch is soaked in water, it can be tightly wrapped with several layers of toilet paper or moisture-absorbent velvet cloth and placed at about 15 centimeters near a 40-watt electric light bulb. It can be baked for about 30 minutes. The water vapor in the watch can be vaporized. Do not bake the watch directly near the fire, so as not to cause the watch to be warmed and deformed.

Method 2. Put the outer cover facing inward and the bottom shell facing outward on the wrist, and the moisture can be eliminated in two hours. If the water intake is serious, it is better to send the watchshop oil immediately to remove the moisture of the machine core, in order to avoid parts rusting.

Method 3. Put the granular silica gel into a sealed container with the watches that have accumulated water. After several hours, take out the watches, and the accumulated water will disappear completely. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the meter. Silica gel, which has absorbed water for many times, can be dried for several hours at 120 C. with renewable water absorption capacity and can be used repeatedly. The problem is that silica gel is not necessarily a household necessities, but must be purchased specially. Little Heaven teaches you an economical, practical and convenient way! Put the watches in the meter jar, the principle is the same as that of silica gel.

For some watches with slight water intake, we can eliminate the water intake of the dial through some simple ways, but if the water intake of the machine core is serious, we need to send the watches to the professional watches maintenance service center for professional oil washing and maintenance. Don't be afraid of trouble, you should know that the damage to the watch caused by the water intake is "catastrophic". Once the tiny parts of the watch rust, they usually need to be replaced, and the future repair costs will be very high.