What's the use of three small dials in a watch?

- Apr 04, 2019-

Chronograph, a large category of wristwatch collection, is a kind of watch that makes fans happy. The charm of the chronometer can be summed up in at least four aspects:

1. Timing itself symbolizes the focus on time. Generally, the time shown by a wristwatch runs like a river (it never returns), and the chronometer seems to be able to record a particular part of it, which is often of special significance to the owner of the watch. (For example, Apollo 13 astronauts returned to Earth safely in 14 seconds after their onboard computers failed. That 14 seconds was a lifesaving 14 seconds.)

2. Timing function and different calibration system are superimposed to derive a variety of new functions. For example, speed measurement, range measurement, pulse measurement, etc., chronometer thus becomes the basis of racing car, Aerospace professional wristwatch (speed measurement function), military wristwatch (distance measurement function), doctor's wristwatch (pulse measurement function). There are many more interesting things to learn and use.

3. With a 12-hour cumulative chronometer, it can be used as a guest watch in double time zones and become a favorite of travelers.

4. The structure of the manual timer core is very aesthetic, because the timer has clutch device and various special parts, which is much more aesthetic than the ordinary mechanical timer core. Even modern automatic timepieces fascinate entry-level wristwatch players.