What's the luminous watches

- Sep 05, 2017-

Commonly known as the "luminous watches" refers to the hands needle or word nail coated with phosphor, visible in the dark, the needle or word nail glowing watch. There is also a glowable watch that appeared in the mid-1990s to make the entire surface shine of the electro-fluorescent watch.

luminous watches tritium .jpg

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The difference between the two is as follows:

1.luminous table by absorbing natural light can light, and electricity fluorescent table is to rely on the battery power to light.

2. luminous table "light" can only be seen in the dark light, and the electric fluorescent table as long as the press according to the corresponding system at any time can be light.

3. luminous light time of the luminous light by the time and intensity of light absorption limit, the luminous time of the fluorescent table by the battery power limit.