What's the difference between a mechanical watch and a quartz watch?

- Apr 01, 2019-

1. Distinguish from the dial type: if the mechanical dial is an automatic mechanical dial, usually the dial will write the word "Automatic", while the manual mechanical dial basically does not write anything; quartz means "Quartz".

2. Distinguishing from the operation mode of the second hand: 99.9% of the mechanical watch and the second hand run smoothly, and 99.9% of the quartz watch and the second hand jump one by one. Of course, 0.1% of the mechanical watches and quartz stopcocks are operated in the opposite way to win the eye.

3. Distinguishing from the sound of the machine core: Putting the mechanical watch on the ear, you can hear the "tick and tick" sound of the escaping mechanism running, which is clear and pleasant, fast (generally six to eight tones a second); the quartz watch can only hear the "tap and tap" sound of the step motor jumping every second.

4. Price differentiation: Machinery watches of the same brand are generally more expensive than quartz watches.

5. Distinguish from the back of the table: Many good mechanical watches are made into back-penetrating forms, so that people can appreciate the beauty of the machine core and the mysterious operation of the machine, as if it has life; and the lack of aesthetic feeling of the quartz machine core will not reveal.