What's the difference between a mechanical watch and a quartz watch?

- Jan 23, 2018-

Mechanical watch:

A common piece of mechanical watch movement for 90 to 100 parts, more movement has 1400 parts, mechanical energy is a curly spring leaf spring, the energy stored in the spring to achieve the purpose of timing for the work table machine.Mechanical watches can be divided into manual and automatic mechanical watches.

(1) manual mechanical watch: hand chain machine core, turn the crown, the inner spring of the machine will release energy and push the watch to run.

(2) automatic mechanical watch: automatic chain movement depends on the dynamics of movement in the drive, fly tuo weight when wearing watches arm swing turn will drive the fly tuo, drive the clockwork spring on the watch chain in the table at the same time.

Mechanical characteristics:

(1) mechanical watches are different from quartz watches, and the second hand is continuous.

(2) due to the complexity of the mechanical watch, the error of walking is large (depending on the brand), the error of the observatory is small, and the error of the day is within -4/+6 seconds.The error of the mechanical watch cannot be accumulated, and the watch needs to be adjusted after a period of time.

(3) the process is fine, easy to use, and can walk for more than 36 hours.

(4) long service life of the machine core.

(5) the appearance is thicker than the quartz watch (depending on the brand), some brands are also very thin, but are usually manual mechanical watches.

Characteristics of quartz watch:

(1) the second hand of the quartz watch is a single jump, which is very accurate when walking. Generally, the monthly difference is less than 15 seconds, with three needles and two needles.

(2) the integrated circuit is adopted in the machine core. The structure is much simpler than the mechanical surface, and the assembly is very simple.

(3) it is convenient to use, and it is not necessary to wear the wound. A battery can be used for 2-3 years.But some quartz watches use lithium battery, long service life, usable 7-8 years or so.

(4) quartz watch prices are relatively cheaper than mechanical watch (of the same brand and model), but some of the high-grade brand quartz watch is expensive because of the brand is good, good appearance material (18 k gold or diamonds or precious metals), exterior design, led some quartz watch is value is much higher than general machinery.

Automatic quartz watch: a combination of automatic mechanical watches and quartz watches.It does not require a battery, and the wearer can choose to either manually or automatically charge.Its electronic quartz device makes it more accurate, with a monthly error of less than 10 seconds.Its operation principle is to use the arm swing turns in the table of fly unable to generate energy to promote the internal micro motor is converted into energy, and thus provide sufficient electricity for quartz devices within the table, and extra power by the micro capacitance stored for later use.When the watch is full of electricity, it can operate continuously for more than nine days without the need to wear the watch on the wrist.At present, the Swiss skyhook watch and Japan seiko watch are well-known automatic quartz watches.

4. The working principle of the optical kinetic energy watches: first of all, through solar wafer convert light energy into electrical energy, and energy storage in titanium recycled lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and is produced by the electricity from the battery through the integrated circuit pulse signal to the coil and magnetic driving stepper motor, the electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy, drive gears and drives the pointer to indicate the time, be full of electricity can run 40-180 days after the dark, as accurate, rechargeable battery life of 10 years.