What's the average life span of a watch?

- Oct 11, 2017-

What's the average life span of a watch?

The service life of watches can not be expressed by exact figures so far. Generally speaking, the service life of a watch depends on whether the wearer is correctly using and maintaining the watch. For example, Peter Pace wear watches a bath, watch the appearance of dirty, watchband length discomfort, bad environment, serious impact, will make the watch is easy to damage, shorten the service life. A watch, if properly maintained, will still be in normal condition for decades.

In the high-end watches every two years should make the corresponding maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, detection performance and power consumption as core, cleaning and maintenance mechanism, and clean appearance, it can prevent your love table not early retirement. Where the watch is placed, it is best to place desiccant, but avoid camphor, insect repellant and other chemicals. The use of watches shall not be in a strong magnetic environment, nor shall it be subject to strong impact, and shall not be worn while swimming (marked waterproof watches are no exception) and shall not be pulled out from the handle to the needle in a damp environment. Push on to handle head needle, to prevent exposure to chemicals watch corrosion, especially gold watch (many people sweat more, should pay attention to) don't open the table cover, to prevent dust into the normal work of the watch movement effect. The watch should be repaired in a professional shop when it is found to be in trouble.


Usually, it is better not to wear the same watch every day. You should prepare several different watches for alternate use. Besides, you can enrich your personal shape and avoid dust and dirt on the same watch. For leather strap, more careful care, so as not to use every day, causing the band of regular wear and tear, pull, as far as possible to avoid contact with water, so as to avoid strap hard, moldy and broken. Otherwise, even if the surface is new, the watch will look very old.