What material is good for a lady's watch

- Apr 19, 2019-

Women go to various occasions and wear more decorative articles. In the current era of higher pursuit of taste, women's watches have become a product that can foil women's temperament. Whether a woman chooses to wear a watch herself or a boy wants to give it to a girl, attention should be paid to the selection of products suitable for women. So what material is better? When matching, what if it's better?

From the material point of view, women's watches are mainly pure gold, there is a layer of gold on the surface, there are stainless steel and other metal materials. In addition, plastics and ceramics are often used. Different materials also represent different things. Take the pure gold watch as an example. The price of a watch is at least over ten thousand yuan. The women who wear it are often more successful or work more important. The women who wear it in general can not show their dignity. In addition, the surface of gold-plated materials does not look very different from pure gold, but this product is easy to wear and tear, easy to fade, not good-looking. Rubber material is made of a variety of colors, but also cheaper, but allergic constitution is not appropriate.

When wearing a lady's watch, we also need to look at the overall match. Everyone's temperament is different, so when choosing watches, they also need to be consistent with their own style. Women tend to be gentle and beautiful, so watches are usually smaller and delicate, especially large, especially exaggerated watches, usually not suitable. In addition, when attending different occasions, it is also necessary to choose watches that are in harmony with the environment. For festive occasions, a shiny watch is more appropriate.