What kinds of materials are there for watches? How to distinguish mirror material?

- Oct 20, 2017-

What kinds of materials are there for watches? How to distinguish mirror material?

General watches, like Tissot, will use sapphire glass watches watch mirror, because sapphire mirror has a high hardness, not easy to scratch.

The glass used for clock mirror can be divided into three kinds: molecular compound, plastic glass, ordinary glass and transparent crystal glass.

Molecular compound plastic glass refers to the acrylic, most of the previous table use of this material, there are still many tables in the use of. Its disadvantage is easy to scratch, and light transmittance is slightly worse, but because of flexibility, not easy to crack, so also known as tempered glass.

Although the plastic glass easy to scratch, but when it is displayed when the scratches can be polished, smooth reduction directly on the glass, it does not need to change the lens, unless scratches too deep, and the price is cheap, buy a piece of glass cost about NT $five hundred or six hundred that can be.

Ordinary glass is to consolidate the glass, also called zeolite glass (Mineral), the removal of impurities in the glass, make it a better transparency of the finished product, the large amount of watches are considered appropriate use of this material. Its unique style is wear resistant, more molecular compounds, plastic glass is not easy to scratch, but because hardness is higher than the molecular compound plastic glass hardness (about hardness 5 degrees), so relatively easy to break.

These three kinds of glass has several identification methods, first of all can be touched by hand, touch the transparent crystal glass has a special iced sense, no other glass; in addition, can also be water testing, water droplets in the transparent crystal glass is not easy to expand, other materials will be. Followed by a finger tapping plastic glass appearance, will emit plastic like sound, the sound of glass is thick; weight judgment, plastic glass light, transparent crystal glass is the most heavy; furthermore can no matter how sparse density, high hardness, enough publicity is good, high quality glass can not or lack of basic elements.