What kind of smart watches to meet consumer demand

- Nov 03, 2017-

1.More independent

Smartwatches rely on mobile phones is not a good thing, in fact, users do not want to carry a mobile phone, wearing only a smart watch movement or go out. From the new features of Watch OS 3, Apple Watch can run applications locally, faster, this is a good thing. Of course, Apple needs to further cut Apple Watch's reliance on the iPhone, including providing stand-alone WIFI or data cellular connectivity.


The success of smartwatches needs to be done with these Apple Watch tips

2.Improve battery life

There is no doubt that the battery life of the Apple Watch is disappointing. A smartwatch that takes a punch every day obviously can not meet the needs of the user, which is also the most unlike the traditional watch. Apple Watch 2 If you can achieve more than a day of battery life, may attract more users to buy.

3.The application is easier to use

Apple Watch slightly dense phobia-like application interface is not friendly enough for many users, because the icon is too small. In the Watch OS 3 species, Apple has improved this phenomenon, users can customize some common applications through the Dock interface, which is a good sign, Apple may be more thorough, to improve its application display interface.

4.Equipped with camera

Sources said Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with Facetime camera, enabling video calls on the wrist function, in fact, this is the user like and need a function.

5.Further enhance the sports experience

Many users use Apple Watch not only in the brand and design, but also its motor function. Its heart rate monitoring is the most accurate of its kind in the market, and Apple should further expand this selling point by introducing cooler sports applications and features that appeal to more sports enthusiasts.