What items should be paid attention to when repairing mechanical watches?

- Sep 30, 2017-

Now watch know that knowledge is more and more less, thus resulting in many people get a watch to repair, often cheated, but this kind of news is also often exist, so the following Xiaobian explain to you how to prevent mechanical repair should pay attention to what matters.

What items should be paid attention to when repairing mechanical watches?

Method 1: as far as possible to choose state-owned or reputable table store (such as Hendry), or large shopping malls in the table store, shopping malls on private repair watch shop also has a number of management constraints.


Method two: do not believe the actual table store advertising, also do not have what watches and all kind of complex table to repair shop, you should see what they have watch professional equipment and tools (such as whether there is a school of instrument, swing instrument, waterproof test etc.) to let him table oil took a look, not a 4~5 table for oil above you don't in his repair.


Method three: carefully see the repair price, must first confirm the total price, repair it in the end is how much, first ask and discuss, good repair prices, and then handed him the table.

Method four: try not to repair, do not believe what the "Lidengkequ" promise (in addition to replace the battery and cut out for inspection and watch strap) go observe is a necessary part of the watch repair, not through the investigation of the reliability of the watch, he immediately handed over to the customer.


Methods: in five before the repair, first determine the fault phenomenon of their watches, then on his watch appearance, including the opening point dial, table glass and case there is no original scratch and watches the entire state (but also the valuable watch watchband node number good node number, can use the digital camera to watch the whole the details are a photo of the better), prior statement to the repair shop and let them confirm. Also, your table type, serial number, production to explicitly write (watch if any), and maintenance after the removal of the table, first of all to the original state of repair and prosecution is consistent.

How to prevent his watch stolen parts?


How to prevent his watch stolen parts? Of course, you should first choose the credit watch shop to do maintenance, watch strap to the number of festival festival, the first few good again, the first statement Qiaoshanzhenhu, do not tamper with my parts, one thing I know this hand. Repair finished, but also take good repair invoice, ask for replacement parts, in case of accident. If the suspect list is another part, please do identification technology department designated local Industrial and Commercial Bureau.