What is white gold case

- Nov 22, 2017-

Generally,referred to as platinum, its full name should be "white K gold", also known as White Gold. It is a platinum-free white alloy melted with gold and other white metals. Among them, the maximum percentage of gold is 75%. Because this alloy is white, so called platinum. There are 18K, 14K and other varieties. Its mark is the same as yellow K gold.


Platinum is the most expensive, also known as pure white gold, platinum specifically refers to the metal element platinum, silver gray, density 21.45g / cm3, much larger than gold and silver, hardness 4.3, 1769 ℃ melting point, high temperature, Has excellent acid and alkali resistance and ductility. Pure platinum is relatively soft, adding palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and other metals will increase its hardness. Platinum is a rare precious metal, mainly produced in Africa, Russia, Canada and other places, the output is only equivalent to 5% of gold. Because of its stable physicochemical properties, it is now widely used in jewelry manufacturing industry, the market commonly known as "pure white gold."

        White K gold is completely free of platinum

        K platinum jewelry on the market for sale, not platinum, many consumers do not know the truth, as platinum jewelry purchase is wrong. White K gold does not contain platinum, the main component is gold, gold and other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, zinc and other alloys. White K gold English Karat.WHITEGOLD (WG), K is limited to said fineness. Compared with the white gold, the difference between the two is very small, but a closer look can be seen platinum gray color gray silver, strong gloss, the same type of platinum jewelry weighing about 18% of the white gold 18% (18K gold density about 14.64 g / cm 3). General white 18K gold in the processing of palladium or rhodium on the surface, but many are not durable, easy to wear. The physical and chemical properties of platinum stable, easy to wear and erosion.

        Now on the market also appeared white 14K gold, white 10K gold, white 9K gold and other K gold products, the identification of the same characteristics and white 18K gold, from the gloss, weight can be distinguished; platinum and silver are also easier Differentiated, the density of silver is 10.53g / cm3, the hardness is 2.7, the color is more white, with copper needle to depict the trace, the silver jewelry throws the sound dull, does not bounce, but the platinum elasticity is big, throws the crisp sound when throwing. Now due to the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, from the visual effects can not be clearly distinguished between silver jewelry and platinum jewelry, the surface is also coated with rhodium or palladium, but if carefully identified according to its characteristics is still relatively easy.

        Platinum, palladium symbols are different

        Among platinum group metals, ruthenium, osmium, rhodium and iridium are harder and more brittle than platinum and palladium. Only platinum and palladium are relatively soft and have a lower melting point than other platinum group metals, making them suitable for jewelry materials. According to industry norms, platinum jewelry should be marked with Pt and content mark, such as Pt900 platinum content of not less than 90%, Pt950 platinum content of not less than 95%. Palladium, symbol Pd, under normal conditions is not easy to oxidation and tarnishing, cheaper than platinum. Palladium jewelry also use the same labeling methods, such as: Pd950, Pd900